We are charcoal manufacturer, supplier and distributor based in Indonesia. We start our business in 2005 and currently serving 1000+ customers nationwide and global worldwide. Our experiences in charcoal business will help your needs in charcoal meet your requirements well.

We will guarantee our products in quality, and delivery as our promises in our agreement.

For export market, we are currently serve our charcoal to our customers in Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe, South North America and Africa.

Our Business Lineup and Level, Based on Customers and Market Sizes:
  • Retail, E-Commerce and Online Marketplace
  • Hotel, Restaurant and Catering
  • Sole Distribution, Traditional / Modern Markets and Sales Agent
  • Factory and Industrial Purposes Volume
  • Export, International and Overseas Market

Our Mission:
Bringing the areng (bahasa) as known as charcoal to the next level.

Our Vision:
To be the best and trusted worldwide charcoal brand globally ever.

If you have any inquiries about products and sales, feel free to contact through call / sms / WA:
+6281287888729 (Mrs. Dian)

Do not hesitate for further discuss about charcoal and biomass with us:

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